Princess Complex is one of the first patrons you can unlock.

New York Princess Complex Edit

When you get Princess Complex to level 5, you can do a Class-up. All of the previous fondness reward list will be removed and replaced with the classed up patron.

Special Talk Edit

Fondness level 3 Edit

  • Isn't that idol pretty? I like her~
  • Only long hair resembles..
  • Who's sending them??
  • Still, don't you feel good?
  • Ah right. You told me, didn't you.. I totally forgot!
  • Ah.. I'm so grateful..
  • Looks like you're still popular..?!
  • How'd you know that?
  • Just kidding~ Of course I knew haha.
  • Why're you sighing?

Fondness level 4 Edit

  • A handsome guy..? Is he that good looking?
  • Good-looking like that actor..? He must be gorgeous..
  • Wow, isn't it something special~~?
  • Wow~ Is this just for me?
  • To be honest, you are kind of gorgeous..
  • You've just told me you've heard that a lot, right?
  • B-but..?
  • If you don't like it, why not just say so?
  • What could it be...
  • Since you're thin.. I guess that kind of thing suits you.
  • If you don't know, then I guess you're not pretty (sigh). Same here..
  • What's everyone saying?