Street Fair Edit

  • You look really young... Are you a high school student?
  • I'm actually being serious.
  • Hey, it's right here, right in front of you!
  • Yeah, that restaurant! It's my highly recommended restaurant.
  • Hmm, is it just me?
  • Uh.. Is that the case..?

Special Talk Edit

Fondness level 1-2 Edit

  • Oh! Write a review on my restaurant, please~!
  • Hey, don't be like that~ I'll give you free stuff~
  • A blog post..?
  • Computer...illiterate...???
  • Food pictures? Hehe
  • Are there pictures of pasta?
  • What kind of pictures do you usually take?
  • How about now?
  • Oh, I see! Are you good at photography, then?!
  • I can entrust you with pictures of my restaurant then, thank goodness!
  • You're interested in food and fashion~
  • What kind of music..? Classical?