Special Talk Edit

Fondness level 4 Edit

  • Um...That's uh...Global warming and all...
  • You must really like fall, don't you?
  • That's what makes it feel more precious.
  • You must write better in fall.
  • That's my favorite artist.
  • Don't forget about here even if you become famous.
  • I do. He's such an eccentric painter.
  • We are contrarian thinkers. That's our commonality.
  • Your parents must've worked hard to buy you books!
  • So, you must've read everything you liked.

Emotional Girl Edit

When you get Literary Girl to level 5, you can do a Class-up. All of the previous fondness reward list will be removed and replaced with the classed up patron.

Special Talk Edit

Fondness level 1-2 Edit

  • But nowadays, appearances are important too..
  • Well.. it is good.. being pretty...
  • You look so young with those new clothes.
  • You look young now too~
  • How's life as a university student?
  • It's not easy finding a friend like that..
  • Paper.. boyfriends?
  • It must be hard managing all those paper boyfriends.
  • Aren't you not supposed to have more than one boyfriend?!
  • You must also have a boyfriend who isn't a human..