Special Talk Edit

Fondness level 1-2 Edit

  • I had a strange dream last night.
  • In the dream, this world wasn't real, but in a game.
  • Hm... Do you like sweet stuff?
  • Figuring out what regular customers like is the basic!
  • I had a dream last night but I can't really remember.
  • How can I remember my dreams better?

Fondness level 3 Edit

  • What kind of dream was it?
  • Really? That's amazing!
  • Then what kind of dream did you have?
  • Come on~ Tell me!
  • Wow... How did you know?
  • Is there some kind of special technique?
  • Was it an interesting dream?
  • Tell me about your dream!
  • I do have something on my mind... Would you like to hear about it?
  • I developed a new dish... But I'm worried about whether customers will like it...

Fondness level 4 Edit

  • Ah, but I don't have tarot cards right now...
  • Wow! Thank you!
  • Really?! Isn't it too difficult?
  • I will learn anyway!
  • That's right. I worked hard so I'm sure that it will go well!
  • Being positive is my only strength Hehe
  • Thanks for the support! I'll hang in there!
  • Alright! You try and tell me what you think of it!
  • I dreamed that this was a world in a game.
  • What could that dream mean?

Fondness level 5 Edit

Note: Fondness level 5 consists of special talks from fondness level 1-4 as well.

  • Is there any reason for that?
  • Something special? Hmm... What could it be?