Special Talk Edit

Fondness level 3 Edit

  • You're already very famous!
  • I see there's a reason why you became the best.
  • A dream diary?
  • What kind of dream are you having? I wonder...
  • So, are you planning to keep writing detective novels?
  • I see. You should treat me once you get famous, alright?
  • Awesome. Can I see?
  • Why so?

Fondness level 4 Edit

  • What did you find out about?
  • *Gasps* How did you know?
  • Why do you observe them?
  • Please, tell me more.
  • Come on. Tell me a little!
  • You told me that before.
  • Maybe you haven't written anything, have you?
  • How about some outline, then?
  • Still not comfortable?
  • Am...Am I going overboard?
  • You know, there are quite a few fans of your work.
  • It's just that, uh...