Fatal Cranky Boy Edit

When you get Cranky Boy to level 5, you can do a Class-up. All of the previous fondness reward list will be removed and replaced with the classed up patron ones.

Special Talk Edit

Fondness level 1-2 Edit

  • Yes?
  • It sounded so real to me...
  • Those with high foreheads are said to be lucky!
  • I know a lot of things but not in depth~ Haha.
  • You've got your hair done as well~
  • Did you have any change on your mind?
  • You must be good at staring.
  • It's better than losing~
  • Looks much cooler.
  • A..a little?
  • Oh, you finally got a girlfriend?!
  • You still don't have..?

Fondness level 3 Edit

  • You prefer dangerous stuff..
  • You should take care.. :(
  • Why do you hate it so much?
  • Oh, oh.. Feels like a Deja vu..!
  • Too bad.. Would have been better to do it together..
  • Just come and join us for once~ Please?
  • Oh.. I didn't know that..
  • If you act so friendly all of a sudden..
  • It seems like I've never seen it before!
  • How did you know...?
  • Huh? What is parkour?
  • Wow, you were a great person!